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Anastasia Shimshilashvili (ART Shima)


I was born in Moscow in 1987. I started my art education in 1998 at the Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum of The Russian Academy of Arts. I believe that a large part of my knowledge and skill was developed at the lyceum. The Surikov Art Institute was a logical progression of my academic training. I got admitted into the Faculty of Painting and after my 2nd year, I got accepted into the Department of Monumental Art. There, I learnt various techniques such as making church frescos, mosaics, breadboarding etc. Following graduation, I have focussed a substantial amount of my time on teaching fine art to eager students, running a YouTube Art Channel, and recently publishing a 'self-teach' art book based on my teaching methods in Russia.

Recently, my primary iterests have been the creation of oil portraits and graphic landscapes. I like to work on different pieces with different technologies simultaneously. This way I never get tired of one particular work and I can enjoy diversity during my work.


The Society of Women Artists Member (SWA)


Exhibitions & Work Experience

2021    "Society of Women Artists Exhibition", Mall Galleries, London

             "The Tom Urwin Special Fine Art Award"

2020    "Royal Society of British Artists" 303rd Annual Exhibition" London 
             Recipient of the “Highly Commended” Prize

2019     The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London

2019    "Society of Women Artists 158th Exhibition", Mall Galleries, London

2019     The Biennial Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2019. Piano Nobile     Kings               Place, London

2019     Personal Exhibition "Color and Tone", Rossotrudnichestvo Kensington,                      London 

2019     Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

2018     “ART Shopping”, Louvre, Paris 

2018     «Society of Women Artists 157th Exhibition», Mall Galleries, London 

2018     «New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2018», Mall Galleries, London 

2018     «Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours206th Exhibition», Mall                            Galleries,     London 

2018     «Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2018», Mall Galleries,                     London   Recipient of the “Highly Commended” Prize from the de Laszlo                   Foundation 

2018     «The Pastel Society 119th Annual Exhibition 2018», Mall Galleries,                             London 

2018     Guildford House Gallery, Guildford

2017     Trowbridge Arts, Trowbridge

2017     «The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition», Mall Galleries, London


2017     Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 

2017     In 2015, a large Russian publisher <AST> commissioned me to write a                     ‘self-teach’   art book based on my teaching methods. Now my book can be                found in   bookstores across Russia and online. (“Как научиться рисовать.              Простое   руководство по всем техникам.” ISBN – 9785171003692) 


2007-Current         Teaching fine-art (private tutorials in Russian)


2012-Current         I publish tutorials to my YouTube Art Channel (201 000                                               subscribers) a few times a month with the sole purpose of                                           helping people, who are eager, to learn the basics of fine art                                       and composition. You can view my YouTube Channel by                                             clicking on the link -


2005-2011             Making copies of ancient russian icons and Italian                                                       frescos. Copied paintings from the collections of the Tretyakov                                   State Gallery, Moscow


2005-2010             Commercial interior Surikov decor and styling projects:                                               Mosaics, Fresco, Sgraffito, Greeing, Craquelure, Gilding.                                           Mural paintings of mansions, churches


2009 Winter           Exhibition at the Russian Artists Union, Moscow


2007 Autumn        ‘Young Artists of Russia’, Central House of Artists, Moscow


2006-2011             High Achievers Exhibition, V. Surikov Moscow State Academy                                   Art Institute, Moscow


2007 Spring          Exhibition in Rimini, Italy - Part of the ‘Slovenian Bazar’                                               Festival


2007 Autumn        ‘Young Artists of Russia’, Central House of Artists, Moscow


2006  Winter         Exhibition at the Russian Artists Union, Moscow 


2001 Winter           Exhibition in the Moscow City Hall dedicated to the 60th                                             anniversary of the victory of the Russian armed forces over the                                 Nazi forces, Moscow


1999-2005             High Achievers Exhibition, Moscow State Academy Art                                               Lyceum, Moscow




MA 2011 Monumental Art         Workshop of Monumental Art,        Faculty of                                                              Painting, V. Surikov Moscow State Academy, Art                                                        Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation


BA 2009 Monumental Art         Workshop of Monumental Art, Faculty of Painting,                                                       V.Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute,                                                          Moscow, Russian Federation


2004-2005 Architectural           Introduction to Architecture and Design. Moscow Graphics and Drawing             Architectural Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation


1998-2005 Secondary,              Specialisation in Painting and Graphic Art - Studio Higher Secondary Education  No.1 under V.E. Elizarov, Moscow State Academy                                                      Art Lyceum, Moscow, Russian Federation